2021/07/06 22:40

Great news!  ‘FRACTURED GALAXY’, Galaxy People's first solo exhibition, will be opening at the renowned CLUTTER GALLERY on Saturday 10th July and run to Aug 6th 2021. This exhibition will feature 30 unique one-off paint applications on characters and vehicles spanning the Galaxy People sofubi history.
About actually purchasing the toys, this is kind of important. While the show itself opens July 10th, 6pm – 9pm, the toys may actually be purchased before then. Sales will be offered first to the CLUTTER GALLERY Preview list subscribers. If you’re not yet on the Clutter preview list it’s no problem. You can sign up visiting the Clutter Gallery Website or by following this link:

Clutter Gallery Preview Mailing List

An email will be sent out on Saturday 10th July, at 12 (noon) est, with a link to the preview. Sales to the list then begin at 2pm. Gallery doors open at 6pm for in-person sales. Any items left will be live to the public on the Clutter website at 9pm (approx, depending on how busy the gallery is).

If you are traveling to the show and can't be online at 2pm, reach out to the gallery, and they will hold items for you.

Masks are required for entry. The show is then open all week long by appointment due to the Covid situation.